About the Project
My Mobile Site is a project for mobile web developers. Mobile phones are quite popular now a days. More and more people access the net using mobile devices. If you don't have a mobile version of your site, then you are loosing a great number of visitors. But it is another headache. You can easily find lots of templates for PC Sites, but quite few for mobile sites. This project is to provide you the perfect solution.
The templates available here are written completely in HTML and CSS. So they are compatible with most handheld devices, also including Opera Mini and UC Browser.
Using images are avoided. Also external css file used. So page loads will be faster.
Generally mobile phones have less resources and slower connections. So the templates are made lightweight & no unnecessary codes were used. Making them perfect for handheld devices.
These are fully open source, which means you have right to freely use, modify and redistribute these templates.
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